It all started in 2006 with the formation of a futsal team named Urban Bash FC in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan (Malaysia) that was led by a young aspirant – Fiqri Firdaus who believes that sports is a very powerful platform that is full of potential and an opportunity for it to be capitalised on for the benefits of everyone.

In efforts to take it into greater heights and make Malaysia a better place for sports, Urban Bash Sports was formed in 2010 with both founding brothers – Faliq and Fiqri Firdaus, leading the quest.

Ever since, Urban Bash Sports has been in full throttle promoting sports in every corner of Malaysia and it can only be done with none other than… teamwork.

As a sports consulting firm dedicated to providing services, we relieve clients of the nonplaying activities associated with their primary tasks in the sporting world. Whether you are an athlete, a non-athlete, sports organization or even corporate entity (Clubs, Sponsors, and Media etc), Urban Bash Sports can provide a reliable and dependable service to meet your individual needs.

We are very passionate about what we do. Any one of our partners can testify to this – we are in associate with well renowned agents and FIFA Match Agents (football) dedicated to providing qualitative as opposed to quantitative representation.

Urban Bash Sports Sdn Bhd provides more than just standard sports consultation services to athletes and corporate entities. We also ensure that our partners’ upward progression throughout their active and post active years is steadily maintained.